Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Its entirely possible that Phil Stanford was just having a slow period for his twice-weekly column in the Trib. I can understand that. Sometimes there just isn't that much to write about.

But Phil's effort this week to besmirch Portland city government is so haphazardly clumsy that its origination from somewhere in Phil's anal cavity is in stark evidence.

To wit:

Condos for the rich? Not so fast, says South Waterfront developer Homer Williams. … The way he has it penciled in, he says, is that a lot of single moms with children will be able to afford to buy places there because they won’t have to have cars. … Make sense to you? Me neither. … For starters, how are they supposed to go shopping or get their kids to school? … So will someone please tell me why certain members of the City Council, most notably Randy Leonard, keep repeating it as if it did?

Now my kids don't attend school in the Portland Public School system--but don't they have buses? Isn't that how most single parents whose kids don't hoof it (or bike) to school, get there because their parent is generally at work? And according to the South Waterfront development plan, there's going to be grocery shopping,restaurants, child care centers, movie theatres, boutiques, etc "within walking distance".

The affordability of the condos for single parents may be a valid question--but writing it off because these single folks will be under a hardship without a car for groceries is stupid to the monumental degree.