Saturday, April 21, 2007

In which Lars Larson makes a total ass of himself (again)

So if it were up to Lars, students at Virginia Tech (and presumably every other college campus around the country), would have a loaded firearm strapped to their hip whilst they traipse the hallowed halls of our institutions of higher learning.

As if a crossfire of ammo firing from guns at the hands of frightened college students and teachers wouldn't have probably been the cause of more deaths. Not to mention the fact that the Virginia Tech shooter was a legal carrier of his weapons, despite multiple reports and referrals for his unstable mental health status.

Lars doesn't bother to talk about the failures of the law or the lack of the kind of background check needed to keep the guns out of the hands of such a troubled, disturbed person. Instead, Lars' mendacious answer is just to make sure more people get to needlessly die.

I wish I could say that I'm astonished at the lack of honest, critical thought that makes its way from Lars' cranium to the pixels that he eventually gets published (or the words with which he pollutes the radio airwaves).

This column is the latest in what has become a sadly predictable downward spiral for a once-respected news person.