Thursday, April 19, 2007

Breaking: Senate Cmte to hear all Iraq resolutions

Sources in Salem are telling us here at LO that the Oregon Senate Rules Committee is preparing to hear ALL of the legislature's bills on Iraq this coming Monday.

This will be the hearing on all the bills--apparently they're planning to do a one-time slam dunk on all of these resolutions. This is the opportune moment for the public to testify on any resolution the Oregon Legislature will put together on Iraq.

Where to go: Salem, State Capitol
Time: Hearing starts at 5:00;ARRIVE EARLY AND SIGN IN
Location: Hearing Room to be determined

Bills to be heard:

HJM 9, which is Rep. Shields bill--which has already run the gauntlet in the House and passed.

SJM6 offered by Senator Gordly and her uberawesome party of one. This one has to do with National Guard deployments.

SJM 9, which asks for the effective end to all US military operations and funding for same in Iraq. This is also Gordly's.

SJM 10, chiefly sponsored by Vicki Walker (D-Eugene), which asks Congress to disapprove the troop escalations, asks the President to seek Congressional approval before sending more troops to Iraq, to begin handing over military operations in Iraq to the Iraqi government and US troop redeployment by August 1, 2007.

There's also a new bill--SM 1, which isn't yet at the legislature's website. I'm attempting to obtain a copy--but I've heard it described as a "mouthful of cotton candy", which leads me to believed its a heavily watered down, limp-wristed attempt at a get-out-of-Iraq resolution. But I haven't seen it yet......

Stay tuned for more specifics on this as they come in.