Monday, April 16, 2007

Draft DeFazio--make a difference.

Its not very often that we get a chance to actually make a difference..a real substantive difference, in the way our government is run.

That's why we decided to take on this effort to draft Peter DeFazio to run for Senate against Gordon Smith.

This is our chance, as Oregonians, to stand up and make it clear to the world that we've had it with Republican corruption and scandal. We're tired of the tax burden being shifted to the shoulders of the middle class. We want clean air and clean water--and we want tough regulations to guarantee it.

And then there's Iraq. Oregonians and the vast majority of Americans want us out of Iraq. Peter knew it was a mistake when we went in--and doesn't have the burden of trying to make excuses for having to stand by this horrendous policy. We need a Senator who will push us hard in the direction of extricating out of that mess.

Last week, we set a goal over at the Draft DeFazio blog of 225 contributor or $4500. We're not quite there yet--so we're going to keep pushing forward.

The important part isn't the money. Just $5 makes a major difference. Its the act of taking the time to the Draft DeFazio Act Blue page and letting Peter know you support him.

If you've already contributed, please send an email to three friends, telling them about our Draft DeFazio efforts. Link them here, if that helps.

Let's meet that 225/$4500 goal this week--and nudge Peter to run against Gordon Smith.