Friday, April 13, 2007

Clean up the turds in yer own backyard

On March 31, the big dog of NW Republican blog, Ted Piccolo, writes about how lefties have "dirtier mouths" (and smaller vocabularies?) than conservatives:

Democrats have dirtier mouths (and smaller vocabularies?) than conservatives. Of course We knew this all along and it certainly has been evident here on this site where by far the liberals are the first to resort to potty mouthed tirades (somewhere between 10 to 1 and 40 to 1.). Then go figure the language you see used on the Mercury’s blog etc... and the deal is sealed.

And now Ted has goofball observation:
Yet no where on this blog can one find a conservative calling out a liberal so that he can “punch” them in the nose. Yet you see this kind of behavior all the time by the left. Heck, just recently on a popular leftwing bigot blog aptly named "Horsesass" the blogster was inciting violence in his liberal blogaudience. How typical.

Goldy of HorsesAss is a good friend of ours here at LoadedO--and frankly, Ted is ridiculously off base. The post in question is about Rove's visit to American University, where they blocked his car and made a ruckus. But there is no reference to violence. Further, Goldy suggests a "WTO-style welcome" for Rove when he shows up in Seattle tomorrow--which means a large crowd willing to make noise and maybe even block some traffic. Its irresponsible of Ted to infer that Goldy is inciting violence.

Interestingly, Ted also links to a Little Green Footballs post in which the author accuse a liberal (read the post for yourself..the person doesn't self-identify or even sound like a progressive...but judge yourself) of using the Oregon Public Education network of sending LGF nasty emails (which a commentor at NWRepublican appears to soundly debunk).

Ted seems to have his back up about the language and "violent" intent of liberals..while blithely ignoring the comments at the post he cited from Little Green Footballs:

#63 Uhhh, why didn't you just include your email address in the first place? Dumbass...

#69 Morons! "Let the bastards freeze in the dark!"

#64 As I read this "replicant's" letter, I thought to myself;
a) now this is what I call a "broken record", and
b) he/she/it clearly seeks to sh** on the carpet of the website owner.

This one isn't profane..but its too funny (I cut and paste it verbatim):
#159 actually I think we should keep him, most of the looser lefties that actually get on here last about 5 minutes and cant take the onslought. Bring the little moonbat on board I say. he might learn something, Like how to use a spell checker.#164Yes, Evergreen is not a University, it's a just a small college. Now, if that's your criteria for measuring intelligence, knowing that Evergreen is not a university, then you should probably go back to Kos since pettiness is their forte. Now screw yourself asshole.

And then there's the conservative charmer who wrote to Scott over at the Merc:

Hey Scott, I never knew shitting in public was legal? Your going to defend that? Give me your address so I can shit on youy door steps. Try to get a law suite against me Scott, I'm going to tape the event because I know your fucked up liberal buddies don't have the character to try and hold back from starting shit with me. All it takes is for him to bump me once, then your buddies will all pay the price. If you think I wouldn't have been attacked for protesting near those animals downtown two weeks ago, your fucking crazy. I have the taste of blood in my mouth for people like you Scott. You don't respect this country, you push things to far, people have the right to stand up for what they believe in and ANTICIPATE a problem as we all know what you thugs are capable of.

I think getting bent out of shape about the use of profanity by bloggers or any other random person is petty and silly. But if Ted is going to point fingers and whine about "liberals" being profane and "inciting violence" while completely ignoring the exact same behavior from conservatives (and I can keep going with examples from conservatives, Ted), then its little more than hypocrisy.

It also demeaning to Ted--who is well connected in political circles and can blog about things of real substance if he puts his mind to it.