Thursday, April 12, 2007

Grapevine: Scott out--Douchebag of Dirt gets walking papers

I have it on good authority that the Capitol has been hot with the rumor that Republican Minority Leader Wayne Scott has decided not to run again for his seat.

It would seem that Scott isn't enjoying his time in the minority and apparently doesn't expect the status of the GOP in the House to change in the near future. So he's packing up his toys and bugging out. The scuttle is that Bruce Hanna will take over as the Minority Leader once Scott is gone.

I have (of course) called Scott's office to confirm--but he hasn't (shock!) called me back. I'll plug away at getting some phone time with him today.

In related through-the-grapevine-news, the Douchebag of Dirt (aka Chuck Adams) has allegedly been summarily fired as the political consultant for the House Republicans.

Adams consulted on a variety of GOP House campaigns last cycle--a great deal of whom lost. Adams & Company's name is littered throughout the contribution and expenditure reports for Joan Draper (who lost to Democrat Suzanne Bonamici) and Bruce McCain (who lost to current House Speaker Jeff Merkley), for example.

Adams is most closely associated however with former House Speaker Karen Minnis and her efforts to taint Democratic opponent Rob Brading as a peddler of pornography for little kids.

If I'm able to get Scott on the line today, I'll ask about this too.