Monday, April 09, 2007

Karl+Carla=Seventh Circle of Hell?

As most of the local political wonk establishment knows by now, Bush advisor Karl Rove is planning to attend a fundraiser this Friday for the Washington County Republican Party.

Even though I'm not part of the "traditional media", I think what we do here is often journalistic in nature and that TJ and I are reporters. So I figured I'd try to get a press credential to the event.

I called ORGOP Communications Director Shawn Cleave (who I must say is always a perfect gentleman when I talk with him) about getting the necessary credentials. Shawn informed me that he cannot confirm or deny anything about the event--and if I'd like to talk to anyone about the event I should call the White House.


Firstly, if the White House is going to be issuing credentials for this thing--I'm screwed. Are they really going to allow a progressive blogger who has held House Parties for Howard Dean and John Kerry into a GOP fundraiser? And even if they did let me in--if I so much as say a cross word to the guy they'll have me doing a perp walk to the Washington County jail. You know if I say "fuck" this week on my cell phone that my wiretap will be used as a way to keep me out. I'm riff-raff.

I guess I could pay to get in like we did for Dorchester--but I just don't think I can bring myself to do it. I can't pass money into the hands of anyone who'd invite this guy to our state. Its going to take months to get the stench out.

That doesn't mean I'm not going to try. I'm calling Shawn back on Wednesday to see what the procedure is to get a press credential.

Wish me luck.

Update 4:15PM: So apparently Republicans are pretty good at profanity too. I especially like the part where the guy threatens to come over to Scott Moore's house and take "a shit" on his doorstep. This Republican is planning to be at Karl's event. How fitting.