Thursday, April 05, 2007

Draft DeFazio Blog, ActBlue Page Debut

Well, no one has ever said we're patient...what with all the chatter about Smith's vulnerability and potential poll deficit to 4th District Rep. Peter DeFazio, coupled with DailyKos' highlighting of DeFazio's credentials and a call for Oregonians to push him into the race, we've decided to take action.

Announcing Draft Peter DeFazio for Senate! It's new, it's free, and it was designed by me--so don't expect the Sistine Chapel, but it gets the job done. At the site you can read bios of DeFazio, where he stands, who he's funded by, and where his name is popping up in the news. As for home-written content, myself and the rest of the Draft DeFazio team will be putting up posts updating the buzz around his hoped-for candidacy, showing why he's the best candidate in Oregon who hasn't yet said "no freakin' way" to running, and why getting rid of Gordon Smith is an imperative.

Feel free to comment, suggest content, whatever--but the one thing we REALLY want everyone to do is to show Peter what he really wants to see: the money. Crass as it is, money still runs campaigns, and he will need a bunch of it. To say that spending his legislative day on the phone begging for bucks is not DeFazio's idea of a good time is a bit of an understatement, and the more he has to view a potential candidacy through green-colored glasses the less likely he is to run.

So that's where we come in. In addition to the blog, we have set up a special fundraising page at ActBlue, cleverly called Draft DeFazio for Senate from Oregon. Because he is not yet declared, there is no way to legally contribute to a prospective Senate campaign. However, his House re-election fund for 2008 is open, and we have opted to use that as the repository for donations.

There is another page intended to spur support for Peter, but it directs funds to the "Democratic nominee for Senate" account. There may be some who want to contribute, but don't want to see their limited contribution dollars go to DeFazio if he's going to run for a House seat likely to be safer than safe again. That's understandable, but by the same token it may not be as clear to Peter that funds to that account are meant to incite him to run. So we wanted to set up an account that was strictly designed to get real money into DeFazio's hands now, and that could be traced to a formal effort to bring him into the race.

Gordon Smith CAN be beaten, and with the help of Oregon's progressive community, and the community beyond, we will do it. But the first step is to get a grade A candidate into the race, and Peter couldn't be any fresher if he'd just been laid. (Uh, that's an egg reference, of course).