Wednesday, April 04, 2007

SB 2: Equality gets its hearing

Now that Senate Bill 2 has passed in the Senate 2 so that we can finally end discrimination against gays and lesbians in Oregon, its time for the House to take up the bill. The committee will also be hearing House Bill 2007 which will allow civil unions in Oregon for gays and lesbians.

The House committee hearing for the bills is scheduled thusly:

When: Monday, April 9 7:30PM
Where: Salem, State Capitol, Hearing Room E

Helpful hints:

1. Show up early and bring quarters. Parking around the Capitol is a BITCH. Its all metered and the parking attendants are hardcore about writing tickets. Try to park in a 3 hour spot. If you can show up with lots of time to spare, you can stick some change in your meter and head down to the basement of the Capitol where you can buy a $6 parking pass that'll do you for the rest of the night.

2. If you plan to testify, bring a copy of your testimony. Take it to your Representative's office and ask them to burn off some copies for you. Its good to have about 20 copies for the committee members and other interested parties.

3. Take a few minutes and introduce yourself to your legislators, if they're available. If they're not--introduce yourself to the staff and let them know you're a constituent. And let them know you support SB2 and HB2007. That tells them that when they vote for this legislation, they're doing it with the hearty backing of their constituents.

4. Let Basic Rights Oregon know that you're planning to show up. Drop them an email at They're trying to keep track of how many folks are planning to show up. BRO also plans to have an information booth in the Capitol Rotunda.