Monday, April 02, 2007

Values is as values does

Values, in the sociological sense, are defined as the ideals, customs, institutions, etc., of a society toward which the people of the group have an affective regard.

Many in the conservative/Republican set seem to enjoy beating down the rest of us with the notion that they are "values" voters. And I'm sure they are. But then, so am I. So I suspect is everyone that votes. The rub is that all values are not the same, nor are they created equal. I also suspect that the self-proclaimed "values voters" are blithely unaware of the hypocrisy and irony of their proclamations.

For example, the collective braintrust of Restore America, which harbors a Lake Oswego PO Box, has been sending out nasty grams via email to remind us that one of the values they hold dear is prejudice (email address of recipient redacted by Carla):

Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2007 7:52 AM
Subject: HB 3526: The Agenda Exposed

Oregon HB 3526 Assigned to Rules Committee: The Agenda Exposed
March 29, 2007


House Bill 3526, granting special rights and privileges to homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, sponsored by democrat Tina Kotek of House District 44 in North Portland, has been assigned to the Elections, Ethics, and Rules Committee, chaired by liberal democrat Diane Rosenbaum of Portland.

They Can't Hide Their Agenda Any Longer
Clearly, the deck is stacked in favor of the passage of HB 3526. First, the Governor appoints a 'commission' in 2006 with members he knows will tout the merits of granting homosexuals everything they want; the bill is introduced in the Senate with a predetermined outcome, and then Speaker Merkley ignores what is best for all Oregonians, assigning the bill to a committee that is most likely to send it sailing to the House Floor with a 'do pass' recommendation ... unless enough Oregonians protest!

Who's Who In This Plan To Force This Bill on All Oregonians?
First there is the Governor, the behind the scenes orchestrator. I will write more about his politics in a later Commentary.

Second, there is Ginny Burdick, liberal democrat from downtown and the West Hills of Portland. The Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Burdick called for the committee to vote immediately after the hearing at 9:30PM on March 21st, surprising everyone, saying it was 'out of her hands' and being driven from 'higher up.'

Third, there is Jeff Merkley, another liberal democrat, also from Portland, and Speaker of the House. He assigned the bill, now HB 3526, to the Rules Committee, not the Judiciary Committee where it belongs. Why?

Consider Who Is On The Rules Committee
This isn't about what's best for all Oregonians. This is about what confused liberals in Portland, Ashland, Corvallis and Eugene want! Take a closer look at the majority of the Committee members to which Speaker Merkley assigned the bill:

1. Dave Hunt - Liberal democrat and Majority Leader from SE Portland, Pro-Choice and professing Christian. If he claims to be a Christian and for taking the life of a child in the womb, guess which way he will vote on this bill.
2. Diane Rosebaum - Liberal democrat from Portland. Her district is just east of downtown Portland, across the Willamette River.
3. Peter Buckley - Ultra liberal democrat from Ashland, one of the most liberal cities in Oregon.
4. Arnie Roblan - Democrat. Part of his district is in Lane County. He is unlikely to oppose the power structure of his party unless there is great pressure from people in his district.
5. Sal Esquivel - Moderate, pro-choice Republican - A probable vote with the democrat hierarchy unless he receives an avalanche of calls from Medford and Southern Oregon voters.

And then there is the Sponsor of HB 3526
Representative Tina Kotek, the only sponsor on this bill, is a well known ultra liberal activist in North Portland.

Get the picture? Oregonians are being dictated to by morally confused, and easily deceived liberal representatives from Portland, with an agenda for all of us. None are from Central or Eastern Oregon.

They are determined to rearrange our thinking to their 'enlightened' and immoral mindset. And they will use the misleading assertion that this is all about 'discrimination,' a total smokescreen and deception in order to legalize and protect immoral behavior and usher in a much wider agenda for our children.

Please forward this email to your friends, family, and associates, as well as your pastor. Ask them to forward this email to their friends, and family, so more Oregonians will know how their legislature is really 'working' for them.

Ask them to click on the link below and subscribe to our Updates, Alerts, and Commentaries so they can join us in opposing this bill, and others akin to it in the Oregon legislature. We need a growing army of Oregonians whose voices ring in unison against bad bills and rotten politics.

"O LORD, who may abide in Thy tabernacle? Who may dwell on Thy holy hill? He who walks with integrity, and works righteousness, and speaks truth in his heart." Psalm 15:1-2

David Crowe
Executive Director

First of all, Crowe betrays his complete and utter disrespect for duly elected Democrats by not using a capital "D" in his description--but that's really a minor complaint relative to the rest of this hate-filled spew.

Second, there is no "stacked deck" for HB 3526 as its pretty much identical to Senate Bill 2. SB 2 is the legislation that's being given the Salem circuit so the House version is essentially superfluous.

Ginny Burdick as chair of the SENATE Judiciary committee would not have heard HB 3526, either. It would seem Crowe didn't bother to inform himself before drafting his screed. But since prejudice tends to be borne of ignorance, this is hardly a suprise.

Burdick most certainly heard Senate Bill 2. But Crowe appears once again to have his facts amiss, as it looks as if there was no Judiciary Committee hearing on March 21 in the morning. There is one in the afternoon--but since I decided to wipe out and reinstall this weekend--I have to dig up the digital audio player that the legislature uses and install it again. I'm having doubts that Crowe's description of the hearing is entirely honest.

His laundry list of "liberal" and "ultra liberal" legislators is interesting. He quite obviously means the labels in a disdainful manner--but I know of at least one "ultra liberal" legislator who has tacked this email on the wall--proudly displaying this email for all to see.

Crowe goes on to call those who may support this legislation "morally confused" and "easily deceived". What a load of hogwash. Its fundamentally immoral to deny gays and lesbians the same rights and privileges as straight folks. This email is evil and dark in its insidious verbage. David Crowe is a shameful example to his counterparts in the religious community, in my opinion.

Fortunately, Crowe doesn't speak for the entire Christian faith community in Oregon. Not even close.

It takes a certain kind of values set to use God, religion and the Bible as an excuse to beat down and hate their fellow man. Those aren't my values. I submit that those are the values of an evil and twisted person who projects their own self-loathing onto others.