Thursday, April 05, 2007

LO Wins 2nd Straight Neiwert Award

"Ain't no doubt about it, we were doubly blessed..."

For the second time in as many years (and as many years as they've been awarding it), Carla and I have been graced with a David Neiwert Award for blogging excellence in the Northwest. Presented by the Northwest Progressive Institute in consultation with Neiwert, our favorite blogging journalist, this year we've received recognition for "Most Valuable Partnership." Hey Carla, we're MVPs! This is actually our first award for Loaded O; last year we won as separate bloggers who joined together to work on the Washington state goobernor's contest in '05.

Here's what NPI had to say about us:
The site launched on February 1st, 2006 with a press release that mentioned the Neiwert Awards. LO has grown a lot since then - today it's a must read that the Beaver State political establishment can't ignore, with reporting on the Oregon Legislature, the consequences of Measure 37, right wing corruption, and a wide range of top issues. LO has also helped hold prominent Oregon Republicans like Gordon Smith and Karen Minnis accountable. TJ and Carla are a terrific, very dedicated call them the regional community's most valuable partnership is really an understatement.
Well, blushity blush-blush! I might quibble with the "establishment can't ignore" part, especially since I'm on about 10 calls and a personal visit trying to get Wayne Scott's chief of staff to do the favor of phoning me back--but we appreciate the sentiment. It's an honor to be recognized--again!--but for working on our own state this time, a privilege to be part of the NW Portal syndication network, and a delight (mostly) to bring you the dope on what's going down in Oregon. Without the readership, no one would care about us, and no awards would come. So we invite you to join us in receiving and celebrating the award. Me, I'm drunk already.