Friday, April 06, 2007

OPB Town Hall: Is Gordon Smith vulnerable?

Folks over at OPB have a forum for internetians to weigh in on the vulnerability (or not) of Senator Gordon Smith's US Senate seat:

So will Mr. Smith go to Washington again?

Much is being made this campaign season of Senator Gordon Smith’s chances of getting re-elected. Every vote he casts and statement he makes is analyzed for its potential impact on the fall 2008 election.

Is he tied too closely to the Bush Administration and the Republican Party to attract the moderate Oregon Democrats he needs? Is his change of heart on the Iraq war genuine or just a campaign ploy?

Michael Clapp (OPB's web editor) says its too early for all this speculation. I say that it HAS to be this early--unseating an entrenched incumbent takes time, momentum and money.

OPB is looking for comments--so feel free to head over and let them know what you think.

And while you're at it, stop by the DeFazio for Senate site and sign the petition to encourage Peter to run.

Oh--and if you can, drop some spare change into the kitty to give Peter a boost.