Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oregon, Home of Pagan Morality: Pass the Mutton!

How can you not laugh about the xenophobic paranoia of the religious right sometimes?
In the House Rules Committee, an amendment was offered that would have provided an exemption for Christian churches and Christian groups in the proposal to grant broad new powers to the homosexual community by designating them as members of a protected minority class.

However, the amendment was rejected in favor of a plan to continue to allow homosexuals to demand Christian churches hire them when there are job openings – among other issues.

"This is still an intrusion of the state into religious liberty, and makes [Christian organizations] subject to state control," David Crowe, of Restore America, told WND.

"It favors the homosexual community and puts the church in a defensive posture, having to defend itself and its beliefs, policies, doctrines and employment," he said.

The Oregon Family Council had proposed an amendment derived from similar legislative plans in other states where homosexual community members have been granted special rights, but it was rejected.

"This is very objectionable. It reveals that this is an agenda. They couldn't care less about what the people of Oregon think," said Crowe.

His organization's petition to encourage legislators to oppose the plan already has 6,000 signatures and is growing at the rate of about 1,000 per day.

"We're going to tell the world what is being dictated (to Christians and Christian churches) in Oregon," Crowe said.

He said the attitude on the part of lawmakers was typified by a comment from state Rep. Peter Buckley, from Ashland, who didn't want to provide "more exemptions," likening the situation to "past racist employment motives."

It used to be signs that said "No Irish need apply," he suggested. "Only now it's like, 'No gays or lesbians need apply for jobs.'"

Buckley insists the church must employ homosexuals, said Crowe.

"He has no regard, no understanding whatsoever of the religious community at all, and certainly no respect for the U.S. Constitution," Crowe explained. "He says he's going to summarily override anything in the Constitution. He believes we ought to be forced to hire homosexuals. They come to the door, we ought to hire them."

Crowe said the results of the bill would be to "limit your free speech rights and rights of conscience; require public schools to teach that homosexual/lesbian/bisexual behavior is 'okay' and 'moral'; impact your rights as a business owner; and put judges in authority on certain church matters."

Crowe called the plan "the most sweeping and culturally devastating law in Oregon history, establishing pagan morality under the guise of a 'civil right,' and imposing it upon all Oregonians under the cover of 'law.'"
I could spend the rest of the day discussing the broad errors of truth in this article (like the vote in committee, which was 5-2 not 5-1) [sorry, bad info from Speaker's Office Salem--sigh, ed.], but that gives it more substantive rebuttal than it's worth. So I'll leave you with a comment directed at the author, from the mind of the great Ricky Gervais: is he having a laugh?