Wednesday, April 18, 2007

TJ Gets a Blurb in Edgewise on Oregon Considered Today

I've been warned to check in with Oregon Considered at 4:30 today on the stations of OPB Radio, for there is a pretty good shot you'll get to hear my input on Steve Novick's entry into the race, as well as how it relates to our Draft DeFazio effort (short answer--we're totally cool with it). I gave Colin Fogarty of OPB about 10 minutes, and we'll see which 15 seconds get used. Can't hear it? Stream it!

This makes the fourth time I'll be on radio in the last 10 days chatting DeFazio and the like; since last Monday I've done Hartmann on KPOJ, Shaw on Eugene's KOPT, Goldy on Seattle's KIRO, and now OPB. It's fun, and I like it. Got a radio show? I'll be on it!