Thursday, April 19, 2007

TJ gets print time in the Merc

Oh happy day!

On April 3, the political bloggers behind Loaded Orygun (, along with other political activists around the state, launched with the intention of raising money for DeFazio's theoretical run against Smith. In the first week, they reached their first goal–$2,000 and 100 donors. It's since exploded, despite the distance DeFazio has put between himself and the ad-hoc campaign.

"DeFazio is the best candidate overall," says TJ, one of Loaded Orygun's founders. "Personally, I'd pick Earl Blumenauer to represent myself, but Peter represents the rest of the state. There is, after all, going to be some amount of anti-Portland sentiment in the election."

Like Novick, TJ quickly ticked off Smith's vulnerabilities. "Iraq is his biggest problem," he says. "But he's also voted for the Federal Marriage Amendment, voted against habeas corpus, against the minimum wage. As a profile, [those things] far outweigh his moderate stance."


Our evil evil socialist plot for worldwide Oregon domination is near completion.