Monday, April 30, 2007

Tom Butler: A lesson in disdain

Representative Tom Butler (R-Ontario) has apparently decided that demonstrations of disrespect for the business of the Oregon House are perfectly acceptable--even as it offends his fellow citizens.

Last week during the Republican-led farce against the Healthy Kids Act, Butler decided that it would be appropriate to open up a sleeping bag and unpack a bag on the floor of the Oregon House of Representatives. It would seem our institutions of law in Oregon are so meaningless to Butler that abandoning any sense of respectful pretense is no problem.

When sent a complaint via email about his disrespectful actions by a fellow Oregonian, Butler replied thusly:

Subject: RE: Show Respect for the People of Oregon!
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 15:04:59 -0700
From: "Rep Butler"

Sorry that you were offended. Next time we're locked
onto the House Floor (and told that we'll have to stay
there for up to 72 hours without a break) for
unnecessary media-driven procedural moves by Democrat
leaders, just turn off your TV and stop reading from
the liberal media!

Clearly Butler isn't sorry that anyone was offended at his actions. He quite obviously doesn't give a rip.

As far as the "unnecessary media-driven procedural moves", those came from Tom's own Party. They threw every parliamentary move they could at this bill--even after Dems had gone out of their way to work through the bill with the GOP. In addition, hundreds of Oregonians traveled to Salem to watch the legislature vote on this bill. Instead, they were treated to a Republican caucus that demonstrated utter disdain for the Oregon House.

And please...the "liberal media"? Must we really be treated to that canard again? Its like the WMD in Iraq, it doesn't exist.