Monday, May 28, 2007

LO Comments: Changes A-Go-Go

Dear LO readers and commenters:

In an effort to get rid of comment moderation (which we loathe) while still allowing Loaded Orygun to keep malicious comments at bay--we've installed the Haloscan commenting system.

Unfortunately, the installation of Haloscan forces us to hide comments previously made using the Blogger interface. Fortunately those comments aren't gone..they're simply hidden. And hopefully once LO moves to an upgraded platform--all those comments will be shuffled over to the new system.

We're sorry this has to be such a pain in the ass. Its not our preference. But the good news is that folks should be able to comment and have their stuff appear immediately without having to wait for us to get around to approving them.

Thanks for hanging in there with us while we iron out all this techy crap.