Friday, May 04, 2007

Nothing says "yum" like a "meat mattress"


Now this is a vegan's nightmare:

Imported from his other restaurant, Seattle's Coupage, the Hurley burger is a fist-sized hunk of ground American Kobe beef on a pretzel bun (the bread is shipped from a bakery in Vancouver, B.C.). If that weren't decadent enough, two ounces of seared foie gras top the impossibly tender Kobe flesh, creating a meat mattress where lie sweet caramelized onions, a lively herbed-tomato relish and a chiffonade of romaine hearts that absorbs the overflow of rich house-made truffle mayonnaise. It comes with potato crisps.

All for the not-so-delicious price of $28, mind you.

Still--it sounds so incredibly decadent. And since I remain an omnivore.....