Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Updated: 21-9, Oregon (Finally) Gets Civil Unions; Live Blogged

Update, 1145AM--
The vote in the Senate was 21-9. Sen Morse voted for the bill; I'm not sure who the other Republican was. But it's done, it's final, and now it heads to Mahonia for a sure signature. Well done, Legislature! What a great day for Oregon...

Assuming there is no suspense involved in a Ted Kulongoski signature, today's full Senate debate and vote on HB2007, the civil, "domestic partnerships" bill represents the final hurdle for activists who've been planning and dreaming of this moment for years. As you might expect, the folks at Basic Rights Oregon are pretty pumped, and starting around 10:15 this morning they'll be live blogging the event from Salem. Conrgratulations and thanks to everyone who helped Oregon reach this moment; while it's not the full loaf the GLBT community deserves, it's still a huge accomplishment and does about as much as the state can do to put a civil stamp of approval on same-sex marriage, short of overturning federal DOMA laws.

We're joining a select club; let's hope it's not an exclusive one for much longer.

PS--let's not forget this day just doesn't happen, without the change in House leadership. Karen Minnis and Wayne Scott did whatever was necessary to bury civil unions last time. Elections matter.