Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More reasons that it sucks to be Gordon Smith

Not only do Oregonians see Smith as weak and vulnerable--so do the folks inhabiting the Beltway. The DPO has noticed it to. From their press release today:

United States Senator John Ensign (R-NV) is rallying conservative Republican activists throughout the country to fund Smith’s campaign.

“Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said he expects to put together as many as 30 joint fundraising events around the country for the four most vulnerable senators of 2008: Sens. Norm Coleman of Minnesota, Susan Collins of Maine, Gordon Smith of Oregon and John Sununu of New Hampshire.”

(The Politico, 4-25-07)

“It makes sense that conservative activists throughout the country would vigorously support Senator Smith’s campaign,” DPO Chair Meredith Wood Smith said. “His voting record represents their conservative Republican values. Smith’s 2006 voting record has earned him a 15 percent score from pro-choice advocates and a 14 percent score from environmental advocates. That conservative record may raise him campaign cash in right wing circles, but it doesn’t represent moderate Oregonians.”

Ensign’s pledge to help Smith follows several articles mentioning Smith’s vulnerability.

"’In politics, there are very few times when you feel confident you can take on an incumbent and win. This is one such time for Democrats to think that,’ [Ronald Tammen, director of the Mark O. Hatfield school of government at Portland State University] said.”

(AP, 4-21-07)

“The Senate Democratic Campaign Committee regards Sen. Gordon Smith as among the most vulnerable Republicans in 2008.”

(The Register-Guard Editorial, 4-22-07)

“Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski said Friday that Smith is vulnerable, but warned that he is a tough campaigner whose aggressive style belies his nice-guy image.”

(AP, 4-21-07)

“Smith is clearly more vulnerable than he was in 2002, when he easily defeated Democratic Secretary of State Bill Bradbury.”

(The Oregonian Editorial, 4-8-07)

“Smith's got a laundry list of vulnerabilities—he's voted to lower wages for restaurant workers, give tax shelter to multinational corporations, expand bankruptcy laws to enrich credit card companies at the expense of the working class, and is a staunch supporter of Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy. At the same time, he supports expansion of some public services, while gutting the taxes that pay for them.

(Scott Moore Column, The Portland Mercury, April 19-25 Issue)

The other thing I still don't get: why is Smith using an office in Virginia as the base for "Democrats for Smith"? The Dems he has listed on the website are all from Oregon..so why isn't the mechanism for raising money and support?