Friday, June 22, 2007

She writes letters (or in this case emails)

Yesterday TJ inspired us all to write letters to our GOP Senate Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli to tell him what we think is the worst bill of this legislative session. TJ's call to action was in response to Ferrioli and the Senate GOP's request to hear from Oregonians about this topic. Specifically, they asked for the bills that made our "eyes roll".

Thus with pixels in hand, I sent to Ferrioli an email detailing my thoughts on the matter:

Dear Senator Ferrioli and Senate Republicans:

My nominee for the "worst bill of session" is HB3415. For your reference it can be found here:

I don't see how its possible for Republicans in the legislature to be any more out of step with Oregonians on the matters of abortion and choice. Not to mention "fetal death"...that is an "eye-roller" if I ever saw one.


You can send your own thoughts on these matters to Senator Ferrioli. Despite all instincts to the contrary, please be polite in your correspondence.

TJ offered up some good ideas to get you started, but maybe you've already got your own. Send them via email to

Have fun!