Sunday, June 24, 2007

Spanning the State--Oversight correction edition

TJ and I have jobs that we've divvied up between us for the management and operations of Loaded Orygun. One of my jobs is supposed to be to update and maintain the blogroll on the right sidebar.

Frankly--I suck at it. I don't remember to do it and I'm notorious for not adding really obvious links. This morning I've attempted to add a few things that should have been over there ages ago.

Specifically, I added a link to the Green Party, MIPRAP's blog,Our Oregon,The Portland Mercury and Blogtown PDX.

So please take a minute to review the blogroll on the right hand side. And if you have suggestions for additions, please feel free to let me know via email to loadedorygun (at) gmail (dot) com.

And now, let's Span the State!


Speaking of the Green Party, their State Convention is today in Corvallis.

The Tillamook Headlight Herald has a piece showing the growing pains in Pacific City.

OSU Beaver Baseball is on the threshold of back to back national championships. Yesterday's rout of the North Carolina Tarheels sets the stage for today's game. You can watch it this afternoon at 4PM on ESPN2 or listen to it on the radio: KBZY (1490 AM), KEJO (1240 AM), KUIK (1360 AM).

Another stupid and inane recall petition has been filed, this time in Molalla. Based on my weekly review of newspapers and mainstream media outlets in Oregon, these type of recalls are done most often in more conservative areas of our state, demonstrating an abuse of the recall system. This abuse is an extreme waste of taxpayer dollars and valuable time of government employees. Ironic, isn't it?

A contentious feud over a Measure 37 claim in Yamhill County appears to have turned violent. Yamhill County resident Michelle Michelsen has been strongly and vocally opposed to a M37 claim filed by her neighbor, John Kroo. Wednesday morning Michelsen discovered that one of their minature horses had been shot to death with a pellet gun and another had been injured. Kroo has threatened Michelsen in the past with a letter warning of "consequences" for her attempts to throw up legal roadblocks to Kroo's attempts to develop.

Senator Ron Wyden held a town hall meeting in Burns to highlight his support of county timber payments.

The Bend Bulletin's gleeful hatred of Senate Bill 30 (which bans destination resorts at the Metolius River Basin) bubbles over into their latest news coverage of the bill. Interestingly, the Bulletin also includes photos of the two lobbyists trying to kill the bill in Salem, Rick Allen and Hasina Squires, who will certainly reap a windfall if the bill is scuttled.

A 12 year old boy from Baker City scored a once in a lifetime big horned sheep tag.