Friday, June 29, 2007

Speak Arabic? Got your affairs in order?

If you can answer "yes" to both of those subject headline questions, then Pena Solution might have a gig for you:

Pena Solution is accepting resumes while this is under construction. You can apply for the following positions: Arabic Linguist categories I,II, and III for Centcom contract in Iraq, System Adminstrators for Iraq, Registered Nurses and Radiologist Positions for stateside locations.

Interested parties should submit their resume to, apparently.

I discovered this job opening while perusing the Portland job listings on Craig's List. That's where I've previously seen Tim Trickey pimping his wares.

It's fairly disconcerting that the US military (after 4 years of occuping Iraq) can't figure out how to train enough Arabic translators to conduct meetings for CENTCOM. We apparently have to farm out this out to civilians. Lovely.

I'm curious about how much of our tax dollars are going to the salaries of these contractors--and how much oversight is actually conducted over their activities and spending.

Perhaps if the Bush Administration wasn't so busy trying to weed out the gays from the military, we might have enough translators in the military to get the job done.