Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer of Steve! Give him some mojo.

Steve Novick has been out and about this week, raising up some cash in his effort to defeat (boo, hiss) Gordon Smith.

Here at LO, we've raised $220 for Steve's campaign! We'd love to double or even TRIPLE that total by Sunday, so please give 'til it hurts. We want to see Steve end this month with some big time mojo.

Our hero has been out and about, attending a house party earlier in the week hosted by the lovely and talented Bev Stein. He also had a house party last evening, a fundraiser in Seattle tomorrow AND is meeting supporters in Hermiston on Sunday.

That's right, I said Hermiston.

Steve is also planning on being in Ashland over the July 4th holiday.

A man working this hard deserves your love and your support. Let's rock Steve's world tonight with your donations.