Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sizemore:PhD in Dumbassery

Our Oregon's press release used the phrase "Sizemoronic" to describe rackateering dirtbag Bill Sizemore's latest attempt to sully the lawbooks. A truly appropriate sentiment indeed.

In cahoots with Sizemore on this mess is Oregon GOP vice-president Russ Walker. Walker happens to also be the local headmaster for the Oregon chapter of Freedomworks, who will no doubt be funding part or all of this.

Yesterday Sizemore submitted the first of his stupendously inane ballot initiatives. No word on who is funding them yet...but where Sizemore treads Loren Parks is sure to follow.

One of these pieces of idiocy is Iniative 3, which would create a big, fat tax loophole for the folks who sit around the pool waiting for their dividend checks. The initiative allows for the total deduction of federal income taxes from state taxes. It would overwhelmingly favor the wealthiest in the state.

The other is Initiative Petition 19. This one really pisses me off.

IP19 would force all students in school to learn in English after their first two years in public school. NonEnglish speakers who enter the public school system during their K-4 years would get only a year and a half.

Who the fuck died and gave Bill Sizemore a PhD in Education?

One of the better ESL programs in Oregon (from my experience) is out in Forest Grove. They have a large migrant population and many new students enter the FG School District only able to speak Spanish. The District has created a track for students beginning in Kindergarten that's completely bilingual: one day students learn all in English. The next day all instruction is conducted in Spanish. Students who spend most or all of their K-12 years in the district are completely bilingual when they leave the system.

Under the Sizemore/Walker initiative, this stellar program would have to be eliminated.

What qualifies these two as experts in Education...or as experts in English, for that matter?