Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wyden in The Hill--way bigger potatoes than LO

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is working the juice on his Healthy Americans Act. This time from the DC angle.

Wyden has a video up on The Hill's blog (which is a much bigger deal than anything we can do here) as well as an op-ed:

Some may question the fairness of requiring individuals to buy a basic health insurance policy. People who are insured today often ask why they should support any changes. Here’s why: as Senator Bennett has often noted, all of us already pay for universal coverage. Federal law entitles anyone who needs it to treatment in the nation’s hospital emergency rooms.

Its a little dry--but not a long read. But its worthy of your time because of its bullet-point overview of the Healthy Americans Act.

If you want to know what your Senator is doing to try and save you some serious cash, this is it.