Monday, June 25, 2007

The Summer of Steve starts NOW

Update, 330pm--
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Every time we see a newspaper or tv fluff piece on Gordon Smith it's enough to make us want to scream. But given that screaming has a limited effectiveness ratio, we've decided to try something more constructive.

In our eensy weensy capacity to create ripples, we've decided to declare this the Summer of Steve Novick!

To that end, we're having a mini fundraising drive this week for the Novick campaign. This is the last week for Steve to raise money before the end of the reporting period and we want to give him some momentum.

Keep in mind that Steve is running against a man who says he changed his mind last July after reading Fiasco. Yet Gordon Smith was still declaring his support for the President until at least October. His words of epiphany didn't emerge until the following December. In other words, Smith allowed hundreds of US soldiers to die before he made his "true feelings" on Iraq known to the public.

Ironically, this declaration happened just after the election. Convenient timing, eh?

We know that some of you haven't made up your mind to support Steve's candidacy. It's very early after all. But we hope you'll still consider dropping some cash Steve's way, if for no other reason than Gordon Smith is really pissing you off.