Monday, June 25, 2007

OR House Dems--1 OR House GOP--suck

It must be hell to be a Republican in the Oregon House these days. The only thing they can do is dig in their heels with parliamentary procedures in an attempt to scuttle legislation.

Oh..and browbeat their caucus with threats of a primary challenger while using their legislative offices as defacto campaign headquarters, but I digress.

This afternoon, the House approved HB2575, creating a Family Leave Act for Oregonians. The bill establishes a $250 per week for a six week maximum for childbirth, adoption or serious family illness.

The House Republicans, in a lockstep show of immorality--attempted to scuttle the bill using various parliamentary procedures--and according to a press release from Dianne Rosenbaum:

" one point even threatening to flee the Capitol in order to deny the House a quorum. The Republican caucus--with the support of tobacco lobbysists, out-of-state corporations and national conservative groups--also repeatedly questioned a previous legal ruling declaring that the measure would require a simple 31-vote majority for passage."