Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Johnson appeals directly to constituents

During one of my weekly excursions to the nether-regions of Washington County, I stopped by BJ's Coffee in Forest Grove for one of their top notch mochas. On the way in, the local paper caught my eye. Emblazened above the fold is a bizarre story about a bunch of kids hijacking a ginormous Shrek doll. As well as an announcement about the new invitees to the Tom McCall Forum hosted by Pacific University. Looks like we're getting the heinous John Bolton and the articulate (but rather ineffective) Lee Hamilton.

So I plunked my fifty cents into the blue paper box and bought the thing. If nothing else the Shrek thing might be fairly entertaining.

And then I opened up the Opinion section.

Staring me in the face is a piece of self-defense prose by State Senator Betsy Johnson. Johnson's district includes Banks, which is apparently serviced by the Forest Grove News-Times.

LO readers already know the drill on Johnson, so there's no need to rehash. But do click on the link and read about her in her own words.