Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wheelies Afterparty, for the Impoverished World-Changers

...or the Wheelies attendees who don't want the music to stop, I suppose. We told you about the latest happening for that do-gooding activist clique over at the Bus Project, the Wheelie Awards for action in the community interest. We gave you the price structure so that you could choose among the hoi polloi (VIP events and food for $125) or the middlebrow ($25 for the general show and party). Now in a smart move that brings everybody to the same blowout, Bus is putting on an afterparty for the fashionably late or the perennially bereft (even they've got 5 bucks for a Saturday night).

Saturday night? Which Saturday night? THIS Saturday night, in fact. It will be at the armory where the Wheelies are being held, 128 NW 11th in Portland. Minmae, The Liv Warfield Project, and Ohmega Watts compete for top billing with free food...nice! If you have a Wheelies ticket, stay for free. Just arriving will cost $5, as noted.

Support a social organization model that--sshhhh---other cities are starting to copy, and have yourself a grand old time this weekend. Can't decide? WWND--What would Novick do?