Friday, June 01, 2007

Listen to TJ's Segment on Hartmann Today

I was invited to chat with Heidi Tauber and Carl Wolfson of KPOJ's morning show today (Thom now only does the third hour of his local show, to keep his head from imploding in the middle of his national gig right after), and it was a pretty decent segment if I say so. As usual I'm bad with names--Congressman Tom Tancredo became Tim Tancredo, fired US Attorney John McKay became ABC sports anchor Jim McKay, and I called the Department of Human Services "Health Services." I also said the REAL ID bill minority report passed 30-30 when I should have said it failed, and horrifyingly referred to Gordon Smith as "Governor" Smith--but we still managed a solid discussion on the issue of Republican suppression and "regulatory terrorism." They also asked me about Betsy Johnson (I demurred for want of more details, but said it sure doesn't look good), and my semi-serious call to Gordo's office to see if he backs the Korea Plan for Iraq.

You can listen to the show anytime by checking out their "pojcast" page, and to hear my segment click on the 7-8 AM link. I'm at the bottom of the hour, but Majority Leader Dave Hunt leads it off and has a good discussion with Carl and Heidi.

This is getting to be a fairly frequent if irregular gig, and I have to say I love it. I think the potential for synergy between blogging and radio is great, and while I have a tendency towards Norm Crosby-isms when it comes to names, hopefully I'm coherent enough on the air to make it worth listening to. Carl said during our segment that it was great the blogs are there to cover the issues the MSM misses, but even in our wildest dreams we won't pull in the audience that morning drivetime Commie radio does. So we're grateful to KPOJ (and our friend Goldy at KIRO Seattle who lets me on for a whole hour each month) for helping to make the connection between our respective media, to help catapult the propaganda.