Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WW and Merc sitting in a tree...

Is the long held cockfight (and no--I don't mean the birds) between Willamette Week and The Portland Mercury starting to fade?

Just this week, the Merc's Matt Davis reminded us via comments of the feud between the two papers.

But this morning, Willy Week seems to be sending over a salvo of respect to Team Mercury:

Grudging props to the Portland Mercury for serious savvy about our media brethren. The Merc turned duct-tape reservations on parade routes into what called the "Most Brilliant Street Theater of the Decade." Mercury editor Wm. Steven Humphrey organized a vigilante campaign to tear up tape laid down by selfish Rose Festival paradegoers. And "Tapegate 2007" dominated local media all weekend.

What's next? Will we see Wm Steven Humphrey and Mark Zusman hoisting a few together down at The Lucky Lab? Will Hank Stern and Amy J Ruiz trip the light fantastic at The Doug Fir Lounge? Will we next witness Scott Moore and Nigel Jacquiss gleefully roaming the stacks at Powells as a tandem?