Saturday, June 09, 2007

TJ Talks Johnson & Wyden on Goldy's Show Tonight , 9PM

I'll be hogging up an hour at 9 tonight with David Goldstein, AKA "Goldy" from Horse's and the king of weekend Seattle talk at night, blasting wicked watts from KIRO's tower of power. If you're still out of earshot of all that power, luckily for you it comes over the tubes in live stream as well.

Tonight we're going to spend a fair bit of time trying to tackle the Betsy Johnson story, and why we've continued to hammer the idea that the traditional media have botched the story. We've got pieces coming out early next week that we think will call into question the motivation and competency of the sources used by WW and The O, and I'll preview a little of that tonight.

Another topic we'll hit is the subject of Democrats who strain to pretend they are in mutually collegial relationships with Republican colleagues. Unfortunately, this week's contestant is our own Ron Wyden, who once again has tooted Gordon Smith's horn in public, giving him credit where little is due and emphasizing how great of a team they are. I know Goldy is probably even stronger than I am when it comes to thinking that's just a ridiculous strategy, and makes a false dichotomy of positive vs negative campaigning behavior.

If we have time, we'll hit Portland's own Paris Hilton story: tapegate.

And tonight's phrase is "Fred Thompson;" I seriously (really) urge you to call in and find a way to mention his name. OK?

You can call in for free at 877-710-KIRO (5476) as well, so say hi if you've got something to say, and you can get us to answer YOUR question.