Tuesday, June 05, 2007

DEVELOPING: Healthy Kids Dead

I have received word on good authority that the final attempt at any compromise regarding the Healthy Kids plan to cover children's insurance by raising the tobacco tax, and involving deals on the corporate minimum and estate tax rates in order to woo Republicans, has failed. It's unclear at this time exactly where the breakdown occurred and who caused it, but early word is that Minority Leader Wayne Scott has either been screwed by his caucus again (as in the first attempt to reach a deal minimums and estate taxes, forging an agreement with Democrats in conjunction with the corporate kicker only to find his own party bailing on him after the fact), or is letting it look that way so he doesn't come out smelling so bad.

More as we get it, but you're likely to see this in the papers by tomorrow at the latest, and we'd hate to make you wait until then. :)

Update 6/6, 930AM--
And there you have it. Yes, the referral bills are still alive, but that means doing something about it in the Leg is dead.