Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture?

From Firedoglake, we learn that serial liar and national security compromiser Scooter Libby got 30 months and 200K in fines for ruining Valerie Plame's career and fucking up her work in WMD nonproliferation. To the end, Mr. Libby declared his innocence and thus showed no regret or remorse for his actions.

Also in jurisprudence news, another defendant in the "eco-terrorism" trials has received his sentence: Daniel McGowan pleaded guilty to conspiracy and two counts of arson, and the judge rewarded that plea by sentencing him to seven years.

So to recap: If you're a senior US executive and you out a covert member of the CIA--clearly in an attempt to intimidate (or 'terrorize') those who would criticize the government--because her husband had the nerve to call bullshit on the evidence for war, you get less than three years. If you're a young hippie idealist and you fall in with a group of turds who think setting fire to stuff really shows The Man who's boss, you get more than double that.

Seems fair.