Thursday, July 12, 2007

This is what I get for relying on the O. Dammit.

Yesterday's musings about the upcoming candidate list for the Secretary of State race may have been flawed. My babble was based on Oregonian prognostications.

(I know. I should know better.)

Word from our tip email box (loadedorygun at gmail dot com) brings news that Jason Atkinson may in fact not be the SOS candidate for the GOP after all.

According to sources, Senator Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro) is in the Republican on-deck circle--preparing to announce a run for Secretary of State.

Starr's district continues to trend blue--so I'm wondering if he's giving up the seat before the constituency sends him packing.

The scuttle on Atkinson is pretty rumor-ish. Word is that he has a young family to support and isn't exactly rolling in cash. Atkinson will run for reelection to the legislature and bide his time until 2010. At that point he'll decide whether to run for Governor or Congress. The rumor is that Atkinson will run for whichever office Greg Walden decides not to go for.