Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Breaking: Boyles Hit Again w/ More Violations, Fines

Portland Auditor Gary Blackmer dropped four more shoes on troubled Council candidate Emilie Boyles today, fining her an additional $4,000 for four violations of the public financing code. All told, including a prior $10,000 fine and the revocation of her primary stipend, Boyles now owes the City a total of almost $159,000. Ouch. Can she pay it? Unknown, but Blackmer is prepared for that: "At the request of the Auditor, the City Attorney may seek civil penalties and enforcement of this penalty and payment determination in Circuit Court or other appropriate venue."

Here's the link to the letter Boyles received (pdf). In short, here's what she's busted for this time:

  • Paying Volodymyr Golovan for what the Auditor has declared "not bonafide services," based on Boyles' termination letter to Golovan.

  • Paying her daughter Kimberly Boyles $12,500 for services apparently bonafide, but not at the market rate.

  • Paying part of her personal residence phone bill with campaign funds from October 2005 to February 2006.

  • Agreeing to pay Golovan, Kimberly Boyles and campaign manager Aaron Minoo before receipt of the money. By City rule, loans or debts incurred are considered expenditures, but the finance money cannot be used to retire debts or loans.

With these additional violations, the review of her expenditures appears to be over. What remains is investigation into her fundraising practices, or those of Golovan. At this stage of the game however, I would find the results of the investigation a bit anticlimatic. Is there any doubt that her nascent political career is now over with a capital O? She's in deep dutch to the City as well, and based on her daughter's cries of poverty, Boyles will be kicking a nickel to The Man for years to come.
Memo to future candidates: don't make Gary Blackmer look bad by trying to scam his elections.