Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday State Spanning: DST edition

If you can't get your body clock synched up to the least you can get your computer clock correct. Via the Oregonian...Set your computer clock via the internets!

Say this 5 times fast: Bend business burglary bid bungled.

The city of Ashland seeks to draw more families to permanent residence. But I took a quick perusal of online real estate offerings and DAMN...housing in Ashland ain't cheap.

Another reminder that I am so freaking old. I don't know any of the bands in this write up. Ugh.

Ron Wyden and Max Baucus (D-Montana) are offering an alternative to Bush's plan to sell national forest land to raise money for schools: closing tax loopholes

A new report shows that the state legislature once again failed to fund schools in a way adequate to achieve the required goals.

And apparently...those of us on the left are comprised of idiots and halfwits, which explains why we took the US into and illegal war based on zero evidence, completely botched the rescue and cleanup operations in the Gulf states, drove the national debt and deficit into the stratsophere and are watching our leaders lose the faith of the American people. Oh wait....