Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Loaded O gets WILD

Last evening TJ and I ventured out to the Roseland Theatre to immerse ourselves in Candidates Gone Wild. We were there with media credentials--which basically means we didn't have to pay the $3 get in and we got to sit in the back.

TJ took notes and I took photos. His notes are probably a helluva lot better and he was the one was drinking (they're probably better BECAUSE he was drinking). Hopefully there's a few postworthy photos..which I'll get up here later.

A few quick thoughts: Sten's stock went up. Burdick's plummeted. Diane Linn and Ted Wheeler both know how to marshall their folks to show up for an event--both had lots of cheerleaders in their camp. Saltzman dodged questions. Amanda Fritz did okay..but was tripped up a few times. Dave Lister was almost boo'd out of the theatre when his 3 time loser Bush votes were revealed..but redeemed himself a bit at the end when he demonstrated his blues stripes during the talent portion.

The best part of the whole evening for me were the taped interviews by former Willamette Week intern Adrian Chen. Absolutely hysterical.

TJ should have a more detailed report later. Cross your fingers on the photos.