Monday, May 01, 2006

Sizemore hearts "eccentric millionaires"

In the insulated world of rightwing elitist, tax dodging delusion its probably a good thing to take lots of cash from kinky sex freak millionaires who are trying to influence state politics from afar:

I suppose that there is reasonable cause for a second look anytime any candidate for a high public office gets a large chunk of money from any one source. Inquiring minds immediately want to know what the rich guy is going to get in return for his money. It is one thing to wonder. It is another thing altogether to jump to conclusions that are baseless and publish stories that impugn someone’s character without any factual basis, as The Oregonian has done.

I have known Loren Parks for more than a dozen years. He has donated generously to several projects with which I have been involved. In all that time, Mr. Parks has never so much as hinted that he wants or expects anything in return. Mr. Parks’ views on political issues vary from extremely liberal on such issues as abortion rights and doctor assisted suicide to quite conservative on such issues as judicial reform, property rights, tax cuts, and government spending. He is also no fan of public employee unions.

And when you sprinkle fairy dust on your ruby slippers, the Easter Bunny brings you lots of presents for under your Christmas Tree!

Rich people are in the habit of dropping scratch to politicians for nothing, eh?

I suppose fraud, racketeering and money laundering are all just schemes for lawyers to suck money from unsuspecting guys just trying to make a living, too.

Loren Parks can give money to whomever he wants. But lets not whitewash it and pretend he doesn't want something for his money. Parks is a businessman and he didn't get to where he is today by tossing his money out for nothing.