Thursday, May 04, 2006

The O sucks in theory and in practice

How is it that a progressive state gets saddled with such a muddled mix of moderate-to-conservative mush with our paper of record?


Today's Theo editorializes against Republican candidates for governor who speak as if Oregon has already weighed in on the matter of civil unions.

The editors go so far as to mention that during the debate over Measure 36, backers made all sorts of noise about how it only applied to marriage, leaving open the door to civil unions -- only to flip around after passage and throw every roadblock they could in the path to civil unions.

Of course, the editors make no mentionn of how clear it was early on that backers of Measure 36 would play it that way, and that most of us saw through the deception at the time, while Theo itself merrily marched in lockstep with the opponents of marriage equality.

This follows Monday's wretched write-up on Lucinda Tate's inability to manage her city council campaign via Voter Owned Elections.

Further, I don't see how the Oregonian could be any more kiss ass with Gordon Smith. No matter what crap Smith advocates or votes for..the O lets it pass with nary a peep.

Is it so hard to write up news stories and choose to publish new stories that actually give Oregonians BOTH sides of the story? Can we not get regular reports on the voting habits and advocacy of the ONLY Republican elected to statewide office?