Friday, May 05, 2006

Polling polling polling...keep them dawgies polling...

Opinionmeisters Davis, Hibbits and Midghall have released their latest statewide political poll of Oregonians.

The poll is divided into Republicans and Democrats.

Man oh man we loathe George W. Bush. 77% of Oregon Democrats give the President a very unfavorable rating. Only 6% rate him with very favorable. Those folks will be changing their vote later after they catch up on all the stuff they missed during the last six years of living in their caves. Republicans are still living in their caves: 63% approval.

Kulongoski's ratings are not especially good. His favorable rating is at 60% (15% very favorable + 44% somewhat favorable) vs his unfavorable rating of 24%(16% somewhat unfavorable + 8% very unfavorable). The Democrats are clearly lukewarm on their presumptive candidate. The poll shows Kulongoski cruising to a comfortable primary victory.

The GOP is leaning toward Saxton, but just barely. Mannix is just 3 points down. Atkinson is well behind.

The really interesting numbers are on Ben Westlund.

Democrats give Westlund a 14% favorable and a 5% unfavorable. 65% say they don't know enough about him to give an answer. Republicans rate Westlund at 8% favorable and 5% unfavorable with 75% not knowing enough to give an answer. Some smart PR person(s) have a lot of room to frame the conventional wisdom on Ben Westlund for the voters.