Friday, May 05, 2006

Wyden Hits Goss' Ass with Door on the Way Out

From the Senator's office:
I appreciate the hard work of the Director while leading the CIA. When I voted against his nomination two years ago, it was because of my reservations about his commitment to making America as safe as it needs to be. My concerns were never resolved.

During his tenure, Mr. Goss resisted efforts to lift the veil of secrecy around the intelligence failures of 9/11. The American public deserves to see the CIA Inspector General’s Report on Accountability and 9/11 to decide for themselves if the government has fulfilled its responsibilities. This attitude is a symptom of a disease that has afflicted this Administration – selectively hiding facts they find inconvenient.

I am hopeful that the President’s next nominee for this position will restore the agency's spirit of nonpartisanship, and meaningfully increase the agency's cooperation with Congress.

Wyden was being kind. If he'd wanted to, he might have mentioned Goss' curious hiring of Kyle "Dusty" Foggo as his #3 man in the CIA, and the scuttlebutt that his refusal to address Foggo's involvement in a developing Republican bribery-and-hookers scandal is what earned his walking papers. Nonetheless, Wyden's good-riddance-to-bad-cronyism response is slaptastic enough. Gotta love the Friday news cycle!