Monday, June 05, 2006

OR-Dems Convention Writeups

Neither of us could get away for the state Democratic convention in Eugene, headlined by Mr. 50-State himself, Howard Dean--so the smart thing to do is to direct you to thems that did, right?

The new blog Wagon Tongues has some good links to the MSM coverage, and Jenni Simonis over at DFO (the Oregon affiliate of the group Dean founded, Democracy for America). Kevin also says he'll have more eyewitness coverage from his own eyes, later on in the day.

Also doing a darn thorough job is skywaker9, our friendly DailyKos poster, who has a wrapup from each day of the weekend's sessions. Pay particular attention to Days 2 and 3; skywaker goes into great detail about the platform discussions and endorsements of pending statewide petitions. Day 1 is mostly Dean-love, which we can appreciate. And when Howard tells Dems to back Teddy K unreservedly, I cannot but think that they will do so--which leads me to guess that Ted's especially enjoying his Monday morning latte.

Update, 6/6 8AM--
The BlueOregonians have begun to weigh in with their takes; here's Kari Chisholm's, and Mary Conley's views on the weekend.