Friday, August 04, 2006

Ballot measures get their number assignments!

That's right. More wonky delights....

The Secretary of State Office's press release gives a rundown of the numbers but here they are for your convenience:

Measure #39: Eminent Domain (was IP57)
Measure #40: Districting of Judges (was IP24)
Measure #41: Federal Tax Substitution (was IP14)
Measure #42: Insurance Credit Check (wasIP23)
Measure #43: Parental Notification (was IP51)
Measure #44: Discount Prescription Drugs (was IP122)
Measure #45: Term Limits (was IP39)
Measure #46: Campaign Finance - Constitutional (was IP8)
Measure #47: Campaign Finance - Statutory (was IP37)
Measure #48: TABOR/Colorado's Spending Trap (was IP6)

Yeesh. With the exception of 44, what a mess.