Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Go back to Kansas and STFU, Sam.

When we want your stupid conservative rightwing Christian bullshit, we'll ask you for it:

Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., has introduced legislation that would bar doctors from prescribing federally controlled drugs for use in assisted suicide.

Brownback's bill, dubbed the Assisted Suicide Prevention Act, marks the first legislative assault on assisted suicide since the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Oregon's law in January.

"When the law permits killing as a medical 'treatment,' society's moral guidelines are blurred, and killing could gain acceptance as a solution for the chronically ill or vulnerable," said Brownback, a favorite of religious conservatives who is considering a run for president.

Brownback said in an interview that he did not expect the bill to become law this year, but said it was important to bring up the bill as a "discussion point and hopefully as a rallying point for those opposed to assisted suicide."

What a dick.

We've been over this and over this and over this. How many times do we need to slap these clowns down before they understand that this law is for keeps?

Brownback is a pandering jerk who is trying to shine his cred to run for President on the conservofacist ticket. You'd think he'd have learned after the Schiavo mess to stop screwing with the private decisions of other human beings.

Thankfully, Wyden is on the case and is vowing to filibuster any senate bill that would go after our Assisted Suicide law.

I called Gordon Smith's office in Portland to find out his position on the bill. The woman who answered the phone at the Portland office frenetically stuck me on hold before I could get a word out--and then couldn't get me off the phone fast enough without answering me when I asked. I called the DC office and got voice mail. I left a message. However I expect to be wearing mukluks in Hell before they call me back.

So I'll try them again tomorrow.