Tuesday, September 26, 2006

TABOR's spokesmodel can't believe his own schtick

Poor Matt Evans. If I had to be the one trying to convince the Salem City Club that my f-d up TABOR Spending Trap ballot measure was good law--I'd probably look like a stand up comedian too.

Measure 48/TABOR would cap state spending based on inflation and population growth. Unfortunately, if there's a tsunami, earthquake or other major event that devastates an Oregon locality, TABOR wouldn't allow for the state to generate revenue to spend money to fix anything.

Enter Matt--who is the spokesguy for Oregon Tax Research. Matt's one of those "drown gubmint in the bathtub" types. And when poor Matt had to speak up for his ballot measure, things didn't go so well:

Evans: So the state's ability to respond to emergencies like tsunamis which I find a hilarious example to use, primarily because everybody knows that a large disaster like a tsumani or like a large earthquake would be a federal disaster. You'd get an immediate declaration of a federal disaster area.

(Crowd mumbles and groans--starting to laugh)

Evans: It would be totally unnecessary--but-I understand--I understand they're not the greatest at responding. But the fact of the matter is that the state wouldn't have to put money into it. The money would come from the federal government. We hope they'll get better at that in the future.

And as Evans exits the stage..the crowd is laughing him off the platform.

Evans can't actually believe what he's saying here. The Bush team proved with Katrina that states are virtually on their own. Bush has allowed FEMA to become hopelessly corrupt. And unless you're willing to personally grease the Team Bush skids, you'll get nowhere.

This is what the anti-tax crowd has been reduced to. They've completely corrupted the federal government and now they're aiming for our state. Even the guy who speaks for their insane ballot measure can barely do it with a straight face.

There's some kind of bizarre mentality at work behind individuals that would allow an area of their state to be reduced to rubble and give no organized state mechanism to clean it up and repair it. And why? Because it would require these individuals to pay their taxes--our dues for living in a civilized society.

Welcome to unfettered conservatism, folks.