Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dumbest. Press Release. Ever.

The "braintrust" over at the Saxton Campaign has truly outdone themselves. Just when you think Republicans in Oregon can't get any more stupid--they go out of their way to prove you wrong:

(Medford, OR) – Governor Ted Kulongoski is quite the traveler. He told debate viewers last night that as governor he’s “been down to southern Oregon over 30 times” (Source: Oregonian, 10/25/2006). Thirty times in nearly four years…to a part of the state that’s only a few hours away from the capital and has a good chunk of the state’s population. Wow Ted – how do you find the time?

It’s no wonder the Capital Press summed up Kulongoski’s tenure in two words: “No-Show.”

“Ted Kulongoski has flat out ignored parts of Oregon,” said Ron Saxton, who has been to southern Oregon communities nearly forty times just during 2006. “I will meet face to face with people to solve problems, especially the unique challenges facing rural parts of our state. Some things just can’t be solved from hundreds of miles away. Oregonians deserve better.”

What have things come to when you have to cite The Capitol Press? Jaysus. LOL This is the same rag that endorses every freak-a-leak rightwing ballot measure out there except for Term Limits (Measure 45).

Saxton can't actually claim Ted wasn't down in Southern Oregon as claimed. Apparently its supposed to win momentum to cite The Capitol Press. Good grief.

I can't understand why they'd even bother with something like this. Its inane, even for Saxton.

(via Blue Oregon)