Monday, October 02, 2006

Saxton doesn't believe in illegal immigrants unless they're cherry pickers?

GOP goobernatorial guy Ron Saxton has a new ad which breathlessly complains about illegal immigration:

There are 175,000 illegal aliens in Oregon. With more pouring in. Making "Illegal Aliens" Oregon's second largest city.

Under Ted Kulongoski, Oregon gives drivers licenses to illegal aliens who use them to get state services and even vote. Costing taxpayers millions of dollars a year.

Ron Saxton believes "illegal" means "illegal". Saxton will stop giving drivers licenses to illegals and will enforce the law.

Set aside the goofball notion that "Illegal Aliens" is the 2nd largest city in our state--as if they're all congregated in one large area, sucking off the government teat.

You can also set aside the idea that all these Oregon driver's license wielding illegals are voting here. They're not.

But does "illegal" really mean "illegal" to Saxton?

In 1995, Saxton was listed as the authorized representative and party of interest for Oak Grove Farms. He was the only person listed.

The company's purpose was to "“acquire, develop and manage agricultural property". In June of 1988, four additional partners were listed when Oak Grove Farms LLC incorporated and became a group outside of Oak Grove Farms. In 1997, Saxton was replaced as the registrant for Oak Grove Farms LLC. Saxton's name no longer appears on the Oak Grove Farms LLC or the Oak Grove Farms listing with the Secretary of State's office.

However, its my understanding that Saxton listed the Oak Grove Farms property at 3100 Oak Grove Road, Rickreall,Oregon on his statements of economic interest filed with the Government Standards and Practices Commission. I'm currently in the process of acquiring a copy of that filing (you can't get it online, it seems).

Okay, so the guy has an interest in a cherry orchard. Who cares, right?

Not me. Except that I really want to know if Saxton was using illegal immigrant labor to work that farm. After all, if you're going to bitch that illegals are getting a drivers license, voting and hijacking government services--you shouldn't be hiring them--luring them here in the first place. Right Ron?

On Lars Larson's show in January of this year, Saxton talked about his experience with immigration laws, citing the cherry farm. Saxton mentioned that he had “a lot of personal experience involved with that.” He also said:

“Now you know that the issue where this always gets hung up is the farm
labor, and I owned a farm for years, and we used farm labor, we had
migrant camp and everything involved. I’ve got a lot of personal
experience involved with that. I’ll tell you, guest worker laws are
important, there are important issues about having the temporary labor
needed, but those are not an excuse”

So were those migrants that worked for Saxton and lived at his camp all here legally?