Sunday, October 01, 2006

Spanning the State--FALL! Edition

Fall is in the air. Yesterday while in McMinnville at the Linfield football game I noticed the beautiful changing colors of the trees (inbetween watching Linfield score, of course). Once the sun went down the evening air cooled quickly as well. It won't belong before we're back to our long, glorious rainy season.

But before we break out our umbrellas and puddle stompers, lets Span the State!


The Jackson County Pacific Green Party has announced their endorsements for Ashland's city elections. In other burgs this might not be especially noteworthy. But in Ashland, the Green Party endorsed candidates have won the last two years.

A local Bend organization incepted to fight the root causes of poverty in Central Oregon is beset by infighting and now faces some possible serious financial problems. Unfortunately, its all happening before the group has a chance to really do much about poverty. Set your egos aside and focus, people.

The City of Burns hired a new city manager that's fresh out of college. Burns' previous city manager parted with them on mutually nasty terms.

The paper of record in Eugene has the local take on the Walker/Torrey debate.

The efforts to rebuild Fort Clatsop are beginning to bear fruit.

The Hillsboro Argus splits the difference: one endorsement for Starr and one for David Edwards.

Ontario is weird. Maybe its because they're so close to Idaho.

The US Forest Service is at odds with community leaders in Sisters. Since the Bush Administration decided to slash their budget, the Forest Service is selling off pieces of their land to the highest bidder to generate funds to build facilities. This gives local residents less opportunity to purchase and develop the land--as the USFS is getting receiving calls from all over the nation to buy their prime real estate property in Sisters.

The Dalles is considering their very own wi-fi cloud.